Symposium to honor the work of John C. Lilly MD

at 3228 Sacramento Street, San Francisco

Gilding the Lilly


Floatation Tanks




4/26 Wednesday 4/27 Thursday 4/28 Friday 4/29 Saturday 4/30 Sunday
10:00 am Evolution of Dolphins and Humans and some discussion of Dolphin Bodies and Brains

Ed Ellsworth

Review of The Scientist: John Lilly and Physics

Jack Sarfatti

To Be Arranged

Universal Ethics Perspectives as relating to Cetaceans and Any and All Nations

G. Hawkins Kirk

10:45 am Water Babies

Karil Daniels

11:00 am Samadhi

demonstration of tank and its and its implications

Moving into Samadhi with Floating Yoga

Shoshana Leibner and Dr. Keith Whitten

Project JANUS: Dolphin and Whale Communication

Ed Ellsworth

11:30 am
12:00 noon Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00 pm Introduction to the subject of Ketamine

Dave Wilson, MD

Laws of Form

Saul-Paul Sirag

Cetacean Nation

Scott Taylor

2:30 pm Ketamine and Metaprogramming

James Kent

3:00 pm Tank Research

John Turner and Tom Fine

John Lilly's BD party

Allan Lundel, Sun, Kelly Durkin

Quasi- Universal, Linguistic Elements of Interspecies Communication

G. Hawkins Kirk

3:15 pm Programming and Metaprogramming

Liz Freeman

3:30pm Introduction

of Seminar goals and outline of events and guests

The K Experiencing Transitions

Cheryl Haley

Nutcracker Suite workshops of the '70s

Peter Lit

4:00pm Mystery of the Golden Dolphins

Kurt von Meier, PhD

4:30pm Water

Jim Karnstedt

5:00pm Samadhi Tank demonstration ECCO

Glenn Perry

5:30pm Meditation and Yoga as a path to higher consciousness

Scott Mandeleker

6:00pm Telepathy: Are Our Brains Antennas?

G. Hawkins Kirk

Dinner with John

RSVP Shoshana

(415) 409-3220

7:00pm Welcome Dinner Dinner Dinner Mavericks of the Mind

David Jay Brown

8:30pm Video Presentation

For the Love of Dolphins

Video Presentation

Altered States

Brain Storm

Video Presentation

Day of the Dolphin

Altered States

"Om" Conference

Kurt von Meier


Early years of working with John and computers

Ted Nelson

For more information, call Sound Photosynthesis at (415) 409-3220.